Digital Information Page


This page is under construction. I will post a list of all the different multimode systems available with links in the near future.

Here is a short list to start with.

  1. DVRPTR  V1, 2 , and 3 . DStar board
  2. MMDVM Zum Board V1.0 and V1.0.1  Full Multimode board to build a repeater DStar, DMR, Fusion, and P25
  3. DV4Mini  UHF and VHF USB Stick
  4. DVMega USB, Pi Hat, Single band and Dual band. Does 3 Digital modes NO P25
  5. ZumSpot and ZumSpit Libre. USB and Pi Hat, 70cm UHF, Does DStar, DMR, Fusion and P25.
  6. STM32DV, another repeater board. Does all modes. Very reliable and easy to set up.
  7. RF Shark OpenSpot. Stand alone unit. Requires wired Network. 3 Modes will do cross mode DMR to Fusion.